Section III: The Membership Growth Campaign

Section III: The Membership Growth Campaign
encouragement and resources to plan and manage a conversation-pledge-based membership campaign.

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Planned Giving and Membership Growth Manual
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Resource 3.1 – Icon: The Trinity – and formation materials
This icon is a valuable support to the spiritual grounding of resource development and can be used to support those leading it.

Resource 3.2 – The Come and See Membership Growth Campaign
This material is the foundation for my third book (2018) called “Fearless Membership Growth for Churches” (the third in a series of four resource development books in the “fearless” series) and will provide the basic materials needed in order to design and manage program of invitation and membership growth for any church large or small.

Membership and Growth Campaign Overview
This document will walk you through the entire planning process for a membership growth program.

Resource 3.3 – Sample Membership Campaign Direct Mail Card

Resource 3.4 – Membership Campaign Checklist

Resource 3.5 – Membership Campaign Congressional Training

Resource 3.6 – Membership Campaign Letter – Sample

Spiritual Strength for Stewardship Leaders
This section will provide assistance for leadersas they tend to their self-care.  Leading the church is it attempts to raise money and people can be dangerous work.   There is deep resistance and so spiritual self-care is it essential to help you hold your ground.

Resource 3.7 – Icon: Saint Anthony – and formation materials
The icon of the first Christian monk (on record) provides spiritual resources and materials which can be used to support meetings and devotions for groups leading the church including those leading stewardship. Use this icon as part of spiritual support of meetings as a devotional.

Resource 3.8 – Icon: The Bridegroom – and formation materials
This icon and its related materials can support those raising money or people because it is the icon of the suffering servant. Leaders raising money will often face terrible and manipulative and even cruel resistance. There are dark forces working against raising money for mission. Use this icon to help leaders to connect with this pain and the healing available.

Resource 3.9 – Raising Money as Prophets and Pastors
This manuscript from a presentation made in the keynote address to a gathering of stewardship leaders sums up the two great dispositions of spiritual leadership and especially resource leadership. It can be the source for a study of your roles as pastors and prophets.

Resource 3.10 – Icon: Jesus – and formation materials
This icon and its related support material provide encouragement to anyone engaged in stewardship today. It can be used to begin and end meetings.