FearlessChurchFundraising.com provides churches of all denominations and traditions, a set of resources that may be downloaded entirely for free by anyone, at any time.

This web site emerges from Charles LaFond’s best-selling books including Fearless Church Fundraising, adding hundreds of additional, free resources of spirituality and praxis. Videos teaching the use of these resources will be added over time, in addition to a weekly blog coaching best practices in church financial and membership development resourcing.

We are motivated by a desire to place resources in the public domain, for use by all stewardship leaders, in all 260,000 churches, without the need for you to pay consulting fees or travel beyond your computer, and which raises money and membership to strengthen the mission of God by resourcing God’s churches while helping people to be great philanthropists and evangelists.

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The value of the Fearless Church Fundraising resources as they emerge from Project Resource as a free gift to the churches of the planet.

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